(Virtual) moving day

Ivo laboratorium

For a while now I have been wondering what to do about my website. Until today it had been up on Squarespace, which is nice but since my website is not creating me any revenue, it is just too expensive to keep. Due to this indecisiveness I have refrained from posting any new things so I wanted to get it settled. One option was to just let the contract run up and not do anything. I have a bunch of […]

Wrong In Our Heads

So yeah… I promised two more videos in November and I barely got the one made. I present to you a song I wrote some time in the Spring of 2013. At the time I had trouble with anxiety and I wrote it down with an addition of some artistic freedom. I had an old guitar riff which suited nicely and so the song was born. The second video, where I discuss mental health on its own will be coming […]

Photo shoot for the webpage

When I wanted to create a new webpage, I immediately knew I needed good images. I had looked at the templates offered by Squarespace and felt that strong graphics were a very important part of the website experience for a musician. I wanted the webpage to reflect my personality. It needed to be a bit on the extravagant, self admiring side – nothing too everyday.  I had some nice pictures I could have used but as I wanted to create […]