Ziggy Wild 01.09.15 (Part I)

I went to the first of September ceremony in Tallinn University today. This was in part because my wife started her master’s degree program there and in part because Ziggy Wild was playing. University of Tartu had the ceremony in a church with a choir this year and Tallinn get’s Ziggy Wild in front of a spacey looking building. I love choir music but come on Tartu, step up your game! I’d never seen Ziggy Wild live. I had however […]

An old Yashica for 10 euros?

My wife and I were in Stockholm last weekend. The intention was to go to the J.P. Gaultier exhibition and to generally roam around the city. Both of the tasks were completed quite well as the weather was nice and sunny and we were quite energetic and happy.  Walking towards the Kungstr√§dg√•rden metro station we sighted a Loppis (the Swedish equivalent of a flea market) and decided to take a gander. Most of the items on the tables were not […]

Photo shoot for the webpage

When I wanted to create a new webpage, I immediately knew I needed good images. I had looked at the templates offered by Squarespace and felt that strong graphics were a very important part of the website experience for a musician. I wanted the webpage to reflect my personality. It needed to be a bit on the extravagant, self admiring side – nothing too everyday.  I had some nice pictures I could have used but as I wanted to create […]