How I discovered metal again…

I am sure some of you know I used to be a bit of a metal head. There was a period in my life where most of what I listened to was heavy metal or hard rock. I quoted Manowar lyrics such as “If you’re not into metal, you are not my friend” and “Heavy metal or no metal at all”. It makes me cringe a bit now (as does Manowar for that matter) but I was a teenager so […]

Rainy Christmas

Hello dear readers, friends and family! I have always loved Christmas. I find that it is a perfect time to look into oneself, think about the past year and what lies ahead. The shortest days of the year always signify the birth of the new for me – like a true pagan 🙂 For several years now (since 2006), I have gotten together with my talented friends and recorded a Christmas song. Every year it has been about feelings past, […]

Wrong In Our Heads

So yeah… I promised two more videos in November and I barely got the one made. I present to you a song I wrote some time in the Spring of 2013. At the time I had trouble with anxiety and I wrote it down with an addition of some artistic freedom. I had an old guitar riff which suited nicely and so the song was born. The second video, where I discuss mental health on its own will be coming […]

News in November

So November is turning into a very busy month for several reasons. Firstly, my academic work – much writing still left undone. I have also some side projects that seem to be very interesting. Perhaps more on them in the future. In addition to actual work – music. After a very long wait (mind you, the recording was done in 2011) I finally mixed a song called “Torm Veeklaasis” (“Storm in the Water Glass”) by Pinokkel. I am quite happy […]

Paul McCartney – NEW (Overview)

I love Sir Paul McCartney. During his 71 years on this planet he has been a part of one of the most successful musical acts of all time,  one of the most successful writing duos; he has had long and deep relationships both with life partners and business partners, lost more than many do during their lives and also gained – knowledge, experience, love. So in conclusion Macca is a person who writes songs with a background of experience that […]