Looking past the blazer

Sitting behind a table

When I first started working for the government, I felt the need to look the part. You know… Regular office clothes – suit jackets with dress shirts and semi-formal jeans.

I have nothing against this look – I still wear it sometimes but I did become rather bored with it. Because of this, my work clothes evolved to be less formal. The suit jacket was replaced by a more colorful blazer and the dress shirts became more quirky.

With the beginning of this year however, I had a total rethink of the clothes I wear at work. Being tired of the status quo and inspired by the shirt I bought from Wöö, I put together a few looks that are more reminiscent of an architect than a government official. Still semi-formal looking but a lot more creative.

Full lenght look

The look consists of dark gray jeans from Scotch & Soda and a long cardigan from ASOS that was a gift from my partner Eva. I switch between an upcycled t-shirt with Estonian motifs by AUS/KARU and a bamboo long sleeved shirt by Wöö.

Behind the office desk

When I need to walk around the building a lot or am giving a presentation, I have the cardigan on but as my office is quite warm, I usually just wear the shirts.

To complete the look I wear either green suede boots “Napoli” by the Uncle Paul or blue suede Rockport shoes. I was hesitant to buy the Uncle Pauls at first but they were on sale and … I mean, just look at them. Plus, Eva pretty much told me to get them and I am really glad she did.

The Rockports I bought for my wedding because I was obsessed with the Elvis song “Blue Suede Shoes” and again, I am glad I did. They are still in really good nick but do need new laces.

Shoe selection

My favorite parts of this look are all made by local designers and take sustainability into account. I want to take this even further and build a work style that has as much local eco-fashion incorporated into it as possible. For now however, I do like my work clothes more than ever. They leave me looking respectable while still keeping a lot of my personality. Plus they’re fun!