My Favorite Pullover

Last year, Eva asked me what I wanted for my birthday and as I saw the days getting shorter and the temperature falling, I told her a nice pullover would be perfect. See, I really like wool pullovers but finding THE right one is sometimes a daunting task. Eva however can knit very well. So she can make the pullover exactly how I want it.

We found a couple of colors I really liked together (purple and grey) and got some wool yarn. Something comfortable but not too soft and fuzzy. Eva showed me a few stitch options and we decided on a purl stitch. I only had one more wish – the pullover needed a turtleneck.

The pullover turned out incredibly well and I am so thankful to Eva for it. I wore it almost exclusively throughout the winter and I’m sure it will serve me well during the shifting spring weather ahead.

Ivo colding a cabbage
Ivo looking out the window

Of course, once we had finished it, we had to do a photo shoot because that’s just the kind of couple we are. Eva took up the camera and I posed and color graded the images.

Behind some greenery