My first perfume

I have been at bit of a loss with this blog as I haven’t found a good topic to run with. I even thought about writing about my work for a while but luckily decided against it.

It wasn’t until we had Annikky from “Life in a Cold Climate” on our show “Popkulturistid” the other week. After talking to her, everything kind of fell into place – I too would do something of a lifestyle blog.

I had put out the idea that this year would be focused on self improvement in my year’s end post. Three months in, I can say that it has been successful so far. There are things that have changed in my life in 2018 that I never thought to plan for but I have also worked systematically to find new ways to improve my life. This blog will be about those ways.

I am sure not all of them will be permanent but the fun is in the journey, right? So… not so much lifestyle but rather personal development.

Earlier this year my life partner Eva was traveling to Sweden. As she was returning, she told me she would be getting a perfume from the airport as the tax free stores have great deals.

I had never really thought much of perfumes. In fact, I have generally avoided most hygiene products that are scented. It is an additional irritation, that I thought I didn’t really need. However, I had been binge-watching the new Netflix version of “Queer Eye” while she was in Sweden and was intrigued.

The show put personal style into a new perspective for me. I have always though much about the clothes I wear although I have been rather conservative (that’s another post…) but I have disregarded cosmetics, accessories, perfumes and the rest. No more! I asked Eva to find the right perfume for me too!

So here it is – my first ever perfume – Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense Pour Homme. I wasn’t really sure how much of the writing on the bottle I need to write here, so I just put everything.

It is not very complex but has nice earthy notes that make it feel quite natural. I am not a fan of sweet smells and also not sure I am ready for something very dark and rustic so this strikes a good balance. The saleswoman who helped Eva select the perfume said it was a good choice for a beginner – fresh, unisex and not too deep.

I have been wearing it almost daily ever since and I really like it. As I said before, most of the products I use on my body are scentless or have a very mild scent. The perfume adds a nice little pop of (blue) colour when I head out of the house and I really do like the smell.

The only thing I am left thinking now is what next? Something a bit more dark and complex for evenings?