Christmas album 2015

Since 2006 I have tried to record a Christmas song every year, mostly with the help of my friends. This hasn’t always been successful but this year me and Helene Urva, who has written many of said songs, decided that we should put them all together in an album – “Lumele siniseid varje.”

All the songs were re-mixed and parts of them were re-recorded. The original feel of the songs was however kept intact. They are still pretty lo-fi and recorded and mixed at home. We also wrote a new song for this year: “Hingede aeg.”

Overall we collected 10 songs, that we have written and recorded over the years:

1. Ivo Krustok ja Kristiina Herkül – Laul sinule detsembris (Krustok/Üdi) – 2006
2. Ivo Krustok ja Helene Urva – Jõulurahu (Urva/Krustok) – 2008
3. Ivo Krustok ja Kristiina Herkül – Kummelitee (Krustok/Urva) – 2009
4. Ivo Krustok ja Helene Urva – Pilet (Urva/Krustok/Haav) – 2010
5. Ivo Krustok ja Helene Urva – Talveuni kalmistul (Urva/Krustok/Haav) – 2011
6. Ivo Krustok – Detsembriöö (Krustok) – 2011
7. Ivo Krustok ja Helene Urva – Tuisk (Urva/Krustok) – 2011
8. Ivo Krustok ja Eva Mustonen – Vihmase jõulu valss (Mustonen/Krustok/Haav) – 2013
9. Ivo Krustok ja Helene Urva – Hingede aeg (Urva/Krustok) – 2015
10. Ivo Krustok ja Helene Urva – Jõulurahu live – 2011

In addition to me and Helene, several of my friends have helped make this record possible. The full list of contributors is here:

Ivo Krustok – guitar, vocals (1-4; 8: 10), keys (8), bass (3; 9)
Helene Urva – lyrics (2-5; 7; 9-10), vocals (2; 4-5; 7; 9-10), keys (2; 4-5; 9), tin whistle (2)
Indrek Haav – bass (1; 4-5; 8)
Kristiina Herkül – vocals (1; 3)
Eva Mustonen – lyrics, melody and vocals (8)
Jüri Üdi – lyrics (1)

Eva Krustok, SilkWithTea – cover design

I am incredibly thankful to all of them for their help and to all of my friends who have supported over the years. A special thanks goes to Evelin, who lent me her bass guitar this year. I hope you have time to listen to this album and wish you all the best for your holidays.

You can listen to the album, and download it from: