Jim Ashilevi “Kehade mets”

Yesterday Jim Ashilevi presented his new book “Kehade mets” in a bookstore in Tallinn. I was quite excited about the book and so was Eva so we decided to go. The presentation itself was really fun. Jim had a dialogue with his friend and fellow writer Sass Henno and took questions from the audience. The atmosphere was nice and relaxed and the discussion was a lot of fun while exploring many of the topics from the book to a more detail.

Unfortunately I have not had time to go through the whole book as of yet but I am very much enjoying it. It is one of these books that I can very comfortably recommend to pretty much anyone. I may go into a bit more detail when I finish the book but for now, just go and read it. Anyway… the point I am trying to make is – I took some pictures and want to share them with you.