Olympus OM-1 in Estonia

I’ve had the little Olympus OM-1 for a while now. It was another find from the local second hand shop and was the first camera I’d bought from there on which everything actually worked. I needed to order a new battery and put in new light seals but otherwise, all was well.

The first time I developed black and white film, I got really nice results.

I also have started developing my own black and white film. The first time I tried, I got amazingly nice results with the Agfa APX100 film and Ilford ID-11 developer. I tried to get the same result this time with APX100 and APX400 films but unfortunately the images look much more rough and grainy this time. It may be due to developing both films in the same tank and having the times a bit off.. Or it is the scanning the shop did.. But the end result could be better.

I took these two film with me to Estonia and forced myself to fill them up while there. Usually it takes me forever to fill up all 36 frames as I question each shot too much. This time I wanted to question less and look for more cool situations and views to get out of my comfort zone and develop. I used to take a lot more pictures but now I feel that when I take my camera out, nothing seems worthy of photographing. I usually just have it with me as extra weight. I will definitely force myself to find interesting pictures more often and not just go walking around with a camera in my bag. This was just the first attempt.

The pictures are a collection of things I did or witnessed while being in Estonia during the second half of August and the first week of September. There are a few more shots from the concert last week and several shots I took while wandering around Kadriorg.