Ziggy Wild 01.09.15 (Part I)

I went to the first of September ceremony in Tallinn University today. This was in part because my wife started her master’s degree program there and in part because Ziggy Wild was playing. University of Tartu had the ceremony in a church with a choir this year and Tallinn get’s Ziggy Wild in front of a spacey looking building. I love choir music but come on Tartu, step up your game!

I’d never seen Ziggy Wild live. I had however seen their performances on YouTube and was quite sure they wouldn’t disappoint. Of course they didn’t and the show was great! They looked very cool on stage  in front of the Nova building in Tallinn University (already a cool looking building) and performed very well. They are one of those rare bands where everything just fits and the end result is awesome. My hat goes off to the sound guys as well. The whole thing sounded perfect!

I had two cameras with me. My trusty Sony NEX 5N with a manual focus Pentax 100 mm f2.8 lens and my Olympus OM1 film camera with a Zuiko 50 mm f1.8 lens. In an ideal situation I would have loved to have an autofocus lens as many of the shots I took were out of focus. The band moves around a lot so getting sharp images was a struggle. I also didn’t want to go too close to the stage as there was a camera set up on rails filming the whole thing. I did however manage to get a few quite nice shots.

I have rarely taken photos of a band playing live and in the few instances it has happened before, I have had more access to the stage. This time I just went to enjoy the show and took my cameras with me because I could use the practice. I’m happy that I got at least a handful of decent images and a bit more experience.  I will try to photograph more live performances as time goes on. The part II of this post will come in a few weeks after I have developed the film.