Dust of this Planet

Good news, everyone! I have completed a new song and gotten the video up on youtube. The song was actually completed some time ago, and was available on soundcloud and bandcamp but now you can also enjoy it on youtube. I also remastered it in between so it sounds better than before! It is inspired by a book by Eugene Thacker called “In the Dust of this Planet”. I happened to come across it while listening to radiolab – an awesome podcast you too should be listening to! It is not directly related to the main part of the book but I loved many of the ideas presented there, so I wrote the song.

I hope that I will be able to post much more music, tutorials etc in the near future. The last year has been crazy as I have been very busy with my PhD and an educational project in Estonia. The good news is that the hard work is finally giving results. I have published my first scientific paper, with more to follow (hopefully soon), I will defend my Licentiate degree in April (which is a Swedish thing but you can think about it as a step in PhD) and the Estonian project is almost done. So I plan on writing and recording more music 🙂