News in November

Cover for the "Torm Veeklaasis" single
Cover for the “Torm Veeklaasis” single. Photo by Paul Klõšeiko

So November is turning into a very busy month for several reasons. Firstly, my academic work – much writing still left undone. I have also some side projects that seem to be very interesting. Perhaps more on them in the future.
In addition to actual work – music. After a very long wait (mind you, the recording was done in 2011) I finally mixed a song called “Torm Veeklaasis” (“Storm in the Water Glass”) by Pinokkel. I am quite happy with it, even though it may not be proper studio quality. The song is really good – listen to it here! Also, since it is Movember this month, I plan on releasing at least 3 videos. One will be a song about mental health issues and another where I discuss how important it is for men to consider their mental health as a priority. I will speak out of my own experience so it is a very important video for me to make. Just my little contribution for the men’s health month.

As the first video for this month, I made a few guitar sound patches in Reason 7 and decided to make a tutorial video on that. The last tutorial I made, has been a lot more popular than I had imagined and I am so happy about it. I guess that means there are viewers for this content. Anyway, there are many more videos coming, be on the lookout 🙂