Paul McCartney – NEW (Overview)

I love Sir Paul McCartney. During his 71 years on this planet he has been a part of one of the most successful musical acts of all time,  one of the most successful writing duos; he has had long and deep relationships both with life partners and business partners, lost more than many do during their lives and also gained – knowledge, experience, love. So in conclusion Macca is a person who writes songs with a background of experience that would be envied by most artists. If he writes about love, loss, life, music – he has been through it.

With all this praise, you might think that i am a huge Macca fanboy and worship everything he has ever created however you’d be wrong. I LOVE the Beatles. In my opinion they have made the best pop music of all but according to the proverbial Beatles duality, I have always considered myself as more of a Lennon than a McCartney.

He has created great albums both during and after the Beatles but the Wings never really got to me and I found the music to be quite dull. His albums “RAM” and “McCartney II” were really good and I listen to “RAM” several times every year but for most of it, his solo catalog is not something I listen to a lot.

That said, I do think that in the last decade he has turned into  one of my favorite solo artists. Starting with “Memory Almost Full” and continuing with “Kisses On The Bottom” Macca has his groove back. Well at least in my opinion. “Memory Almost Full” was a really catchy, half pop, half rock album with songs that will haunt you for days and his renditions of popular jazz standards on “Kisses On The Bottom” are among my favorites.

I also really love the cover image. I can already imagine the vinyl print as a great addition to my collection

So with this we get to “NEW”, an album released a mere week ago – an album which I consider to be up there with “RAM” in terms of sonic awesomeness. With Macca I don’t really want complex rhythms, compositions, deep lyrics and arty-farty stuff. I want thought provoking, yet simple pop-rock that is catchy, funny and delightfully English – and this album is it.

It would be very unfair to leave it at that though. While the poppy nature of “NEW” is apparent in every song there are many thought provoking songs. They are all presented in a manner you would expect from a man with a background like McCartney (and really how many of these do we even have). Many times during the album you get a feeling like he is sitting in his favorite chair, drinking a cup of English tea and thinking back on his life (“Early Days” and “On My Way to Work” being perfect examples).

In this context I am loving his voice on the recordings. With songs like “Early Days” it really creates a good image of remembrance. In contrast, with songs like “Save Us” and “I Can Bet” it’s classic Macca just rocking out.

Rocking out is really how I would conclude this album. It’s an old veteran from a different time still having fun and putting out quality music in the process. The album does slow down near the end but there are so many catchy lines, earwormy guitar riffs and just great production throughout the whole album. Since this is not really a review I won’t be giving a score but I will give you all a recommendation to have a listen to the album.