An old Yashica for 10 euros?

My wife and I were in Stockholm last weekend. The intention was to go to the J.P. Gaultier exhibition and to generally roam around the city. Both of the tasks were completed quite well as the weather was nice and sunny and we were quite energetic and happy.  Walking towards the Kungstr√§dg√•rden metro station we sighted a Loppis (the Swedish equivalent of a flea market) and decided to take a gander. Most of the items on the tables were not […]

“Warm Day” Reason tutorial

This is the first Reason tutorial I have ever made. I decided that as I learn to use this software and producing in general, I would share my knowledge with others in the community. It may also be a great way to attract listeners to my music as there are more people looking for tutorials on Youtube than there are those, looking for my music. The whole process is very new to me and doing voice over work for videos […]

How a Warm Day came to be

So today is a new start on my musical path. After a lot of soul searching and failed or semi-successful starts at musical expression, I’ve found something that I am comfortable and happy with for now. Last year I started writing an album in Estonian – everything was quite similar to what I had done before. I started, recorded some songs, had some lyrics but it never got anywhere. I was never happy with the songs. I did however get […]