Photo shoot for the webpage

When I wanted to create a new webpage, I immediately knew I needed good images. I had looked at the templates offered by Squarespace and felt that strong graphics were a very important part of the website experience for a musician. I wanted the webpage to reflect my personality. It needed to be a bit on the extravagant, self admiring side – nothing too everyday. 

I had some nice pictures I could have used but as I wanted to create an artist persona, I needed some new images – all dressed up and nice. I talked to my wife about it (who by the way, is an awesome artist) and after some planning she decided to shoot the pictures at a nearby copper production park, which today houses several consultancy companies.

I dressed up to play with my artistic persona and we went shooting. We had previously seen a “Laboratorium” sign on a wall there and took the opportunity to mix my artistic side with my work life. The image turned out really good and is now decorating the front page of this website. Check out how all the pictures we shot turned out below.